Somehow I now believe

that everything everything everything is changing

No longer stagnant, more

drooping and collapsing and

pooling and swaying, glaciers

colliding and congealing

and thinking and feeling.

No, I am not stagnant

just because I don't have any money,

and I've never been to Thailand,

and I haven't "done anything" with my life.

I am not stagnant

because somewhere in a grimy coffee shop I used to sit in

someone is sharing ideas with strangers

and they are going home and seeing something

They've never seen before 

rolling past the window on the bus ride home and

I cried in a shower yesterday

and pretended I was a rain cloud and

somewhere six hours away

someone six years younger

did the same thing,

but in a bathtub.

And I guess genetic mutations are really

similar to sobbing in various vessels of water

and I realize 

that I've never thought that thought before.



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