Anakin Again

Today, dear Padme, my only desire,


When I close my eyes, I can see the fire

that burned anew every time I saw you


Your touch flamed on my fingertips

like the revenge of a Sith

so painful until you relieved me

with a phantom menace of a kiss

I know you never should have given to me

for it haunts me in my dreams


But without you I can't breathe

Your absence marked with agony

I could never forget you

unless I lost myself too


I want to be where you are,

we could escape this war in our stars

fought among light sabres

and I'd vow to be your valiant Jedi

to protect you from the dark side


Take my one hand and walk the sky

so my nightmares are not proven right


My voice catches in my chest

like a too long held breath

with all the things that I should have said

so we could live in paradise again

and I could be free from this star of death

for you know how much I hate the sand


It gets everywhere and reminds me

of what I can never have


Because when you are gone, I am already dead

on the life support of a widowed husband


Our hearts are my two suns

Passionate together in rebellion

I feel you within me as if I belonged

and you are forever my chosen one


I cannot live if you’re not here

With every rasp, I disappear

Let our progeny live a legacy

like this was a movie


Run far, far away with me

at light speed across the galaxy

back to the beginning on Tatooine

You were always my prophecy


Forever, your Ani


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Beautifully done.

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