Amorphous From There Flawless From Here

Sat, 11/22/2014 - 19:56 -- ccol009







From into Darkness I was formed.

No thought. No existence. Unknown.

From darkness I was formed, shaped, molded.

From darkness I was; to existence I am.


FLAWLESS! A blessing from God- even though there are those who enjoy reading this, opposed to a select few seeing this that may find this kinda odd. 

Any hour, calling on the higher power, 

I prefer praying in the dark quietly during the night hour.


Created, born with limitless potential.

Writing, filling up these unwritten pages of my lifes book which is essential; 

and you'll see amazing pictures within them that will look done from the perfection of using a stencil, without the pencil.


But let's return to the topic on potential,

I'm just sharing this with y'all to let you know that almost everything is all mental.  

potential no man can decide,

potential no law can govern,

potential no authority can control,

potential no grade can determine,

potential no test can affect,

potential no degree can direct;

Limitless potential, the only question you and I have to ask ourselves is, "What's Next?". 

Limitless potential given to me within me, that I direct.

Formed flawlessly from a place no one can expect, delivered down to and through me,

one of them ends up in a place that caps off just above the neck. 


-I'm not talking about my face, or my eyes. I am talking about my mind. From here, is yet to be written...From there. From here....


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