Among the Masterpiece of Life


I live in a society that is always changing, always moving; moving toward a brighter future. Yet as we grow upon our successes we tower among our defeats with an ignorance that may seem blissful to some, but keeps us spinning, ever spinning down the drain to our demise. Our past is not bright, coated with blood, smeared with pain, and torn by war. However unwanted this painting may be, it is still unfinished. The shadows of our past bring about the weight that each step we take towards a future that is still as bright as the stars that gaze upon our faces umong the pitched night. So as we move forward, let us not forget the blunders that have built us to the precipice of our present self, and give heed to the road that has led us thus far. I am but only the first; the beginning; the genisis of a world that sees that we do not live in a pipedream, but our lives may create magical motifs that have brought the world thus far and into the future.


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