Among The Dead

Wed, 01/29/2014 - 00:31 -- hsadiq


As she stood in the clearing with a circle of flames burning dangerously around her, her dark thoughts began coming to the surface.

She began contemplating her entire life, wondering how many doors were shut through her decisions, how many potential lovers were lost and how many moments of happiness she had missed.

As she stood in the clearing with a circle of flames burning enticingly around her, she realized she almost took solace in this moment.

She found herself falling into a trance as the scaulding heat encircled her body and the smoke burned her eyes.

No tears were left in this girl because this was the happiest moment of her life. This was the day, she thought to herself, I'll be able to fly and where I belong.

As this last thought wrapped around her mind and tongue, a small, sorrowful smile emerged on her lips.

Without another moment passing, she entered the ring of flames and allowed herself to instantly be consumed.

You see, this troubled girl never believed herself to be alive.

This pitiful girl truly believed that even though her heart was beating, and her lungs were pumping, she already walked among the dead.

Blackness shrouded her purity and finally, she flew back to where she belonged.


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