Among Chocolate Stars

When I looked up at the sky,

I saw myself,

I saw myself.

We the youth are suppose

To look for placement

Among the stars.

Among the sparkle.

My tracks always left a sparkle.

A blaze.

A light of hope,

That ran before the tracks.

It gleams,

Why does it gleam now?

The tracks are nothing but

Raging winter blisters,

Raging winter blisters.

Burdening the soul,

Burdening a thought-

The thought.

Lay down, breathe,

Take a look with a few steps


A few steps backwards.

Chocolaty brown eyes

Stare back.

Is there rage?

Rage for placement among the


Rage for what?

How can there be a rage?

Ruined with scars of hatred,

Scars of hatred.

Ease the mind,

Search for a voice.

Is there a voice?

Where's the voice?

Explain why.


There is no why.

Breathe in,

Breathe in,

Roar the pride,

Roar the pride.

Stand up high, 

Up high.

Don't you fear.

Don't you cry.

You are among

The stars,

My dear,

My dear.




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