America's Ammunition

America’s Ammunition

The Devil's in the White City

Drenched our Angels in red

Never help us when we Bleed

More Power telling how we Bled

It led to the Blues, the Blues those Angels sang loud

In the field of Plantations, Sun hiding behind clouds

To foreshadow the Unexpected, when one really would be Proud

But was it really to our advantage? Did we trade in Titles for Crowns?

Those Amending Amendments really did make a change

Instead of hanging us with Ropes, the locked us up with Chains!

Oh! Put shackles on my feet and see how I Run

For President that is, your 44’s my Number 1

But they still bashed the Rose that rose from the concrete

“He ain’t did nothing for Blacks!” “He never did nothing for me!”

Oh how selfish can we be? And how blind we can’t see

It’s time to regain Power , not bathe in Pity

Is 1 whole President supposed to save an entire culture

Who couldn't’t build a vision even if they were the sculptors?

Are we lazy like they say ? Do we have any ambition?

Oh I think the last of it was just shot with The Devil’s ammunition.  


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My community
My country
Our world
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