American Not So Great

America, not so great.

But who else is to blame for our doomed fate?

A nation divided, far from united

What's more frightening, when people are openly racist or they hide it? 

We need to join hands and stand together as one 

Instead of discriminating against others because they have spent a little more time baking under the sun. 

A man was elected into office that would only perpetuate these unethical ideals,

And I cannot help but wonder just how much time this country will need to heal. 

I once had faith in America, don't get me wrong 

But it has failed to reflect the country described in it's National Anthem song.

Not enough of us seek change and are willing to build where the nation lacks,

So instead, we take one step forward and two steps back.

If we don't begin to undo the damage that has been done,

It will carry on to future generations, furthering corruption in the minds of little ones

Silence may be golden, but in this case it's poison,

So it is essential that we speak up and work to make a difference, that is the only ointment.

Unfortunately, America is in the midst of it's demise 

And if we as a nation do not change for the better, it will crumble before our very eyes.

This poem is about: 
My country


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