The American Dream

What is the American Dream?

Is a question many Americans have sought to know

Is it having a white picket fence with a wife, a few kids

Or is it having a job to call your own


It is a dream that can be traced

Back to the Declaration of Independence

Which states that all men are created equal

And are free to pursue happiness


The dream has evolved

from generation to generation

with each one trying to figure out

What exactly this freedom is within our nation


It was once just for the privileged white man

Whose beliefs and ideals ran the country

Not for the “colored” or underprivileged people of America

Whose dreams amounted for little to nothing


As the times in America changed

And the population began to expand

The dream became more obtainable

All you needed was a game plan


The idea began to form

That any person can obtain their goals

Through hard work and dedication

One could push themselves into higher roles of society


This idea became universal

To people in the general masses

Still considered a lie or difficult to obtain however

To those in the lower classes


“It’s a lot easier for the rich”

Many of the lower classes would say

It’s as if they were given a head start in this dream pursuit

And it’s easier for them to find their way


To me the American Dream is an idea

An idea given to the people both young and old

An idea of opportunity and liberty

A chance for some to see their dreams unfold


The opportunity is something you have to fight for

It is not given as many have learned

But even as many have died pursuing that dream

It is something that could potentially not be earned


It is a dream dreamt by us all

Regardless of class, race, or religion

But how far you go to achieve this dream

Is really your own decision


Success is out there for everyone

Though for some the disadvantage can be keenly felt

We all have the potential to reach our goals

You just have to play with the cards you were dealt



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