America Through the Years

America the Great,

America the strong.

Has it always been that way?

No way!

Christopher Columbus sailed the sea, so vast it was and yet he came or did he?

In the early years, Inca and many MezoAmericans were there as well as Native Americans.Before that, though there was a belief,

a belief that Irish Monks came- is it true? There is no proof of it although they had traveled around Europe, The Vikings followed a similar path and made way into what is now Canada, then there is the belief that the Ming dynasty had founded America. The list is never endless. 

The Spanish had invaded killing off thousands if not millions of MezoAmericans. Then soon came the time for a change - the pre-revolution.

Christopher Columbus had soon followed - 4 voyages later he had seen Indies, Bahamas, Dominic Republic, and last but not least the Carribean.

This was a decade where men thought they were the first to discover this "New World" even if they were not the first. 

The explorers of the Europeans spread out and looked anywhere to colonize in this New World.

War, disease, politics, and food was a new life.

War of many, disease of Spaniards and French including measles smallpox and typhus, food included corn potato tobacco and so much more.

Wars came even stronger during the 16th century and it became a scary world.

War with Britain came as did the revolutions. Colonies without representation, taxes from Britain and America refused Britain goods.

A backlash came though - slaves.

Africans came unwillingly in their handcuffs by Dutch.

Slaves came to Jamestown to raise tobacco.

This started the American issue.

The first president came to light - a warrior of war.

Lewis and Clark came.

Expanded and explored, the country was going amuck.

French lands were sold in the South in Lousiana Purchase.

Make roads anew. 

Grass had regrown.

Settlers came.

The nation moved forward yet backwards.

Soon it came time for the 1900s.

The nation got a headstart.

This headstart had an industrial purpose and had gone through four presidents.

America had suffered greatly through these god awful times, 250 years of slavery.

A conflict had come again. 

World War one came and it would not end for another thirty years.

One million soldiers had marched.

1919 had come and the World War one fell.

Then came the second World War.

16 million had marched.

1930 had come with the Great Depression.

Nine years later had it all come to an end although,

6 million without work.

Many programs had started, but they may have lasted,

in the wrong way.

1945 had come and World War two ended. 

Millions had died and America, Soviet Union, Germany, and the last but not least United kingdom was involved.

It was soon time for chickens to cook,

cars honking in the traffic,

cars in the garage,


not only in black and white but also in color.

A race to the stars,

finding who we are and where we really come from.

African- Americans had evolved.

Times were tough.

Life was tough.

African-Americans had freedom issues still.

Civil rights had emerged ever the more and turmoil.

There was civil rights to win and a legislation to help.

The first African-American to voice opinion was Martin Luther King Junior,

The first African - American to go to an all-white school was Ruby Nell Bridges Hall she had inspired all.

War had come once more,

the Vietnam War had brought turmoil.

One president was shot,

One with fatigue,

and another that did not see the end of his term.

The Nation soon came in Flux,

200 million alive in America,

riots amuck and president after president.

Abortion was made possible,

although it is disturbing.

The Reagen revolution had soon come and the Cold War ended.

Supreme Court justice came with a difference. 

Prosperity as the World turns.

A presidential scandal came to light,

the world aflame. 

Gulf War had attacked New York City.

The war on terrorism had begun,

hijacked planes headed for the World Trade center,


and last but not least Shanksville field.

It was war against our way of life,

a war of terror,

and a terrible response.

Anti-bullying laws had started.

109,631,000 on welfare today, 3.3 million kids bullied, and last but not least we the people- the Americans have a population,

a population of 318.9 million. Let's make a change! 

43 presidents had seen it all and now we are at our 44th.

Have we seen turmoil?


Have we had issues?


Have we had war?


We are in our economic recovery,

we are strong, we are weak, we have wars, we have issues.

Now this rest on our new president's shoulders.

New sexualities are emerging,

New religions are here,

New Nationalities are seeking refuge,

Free money is handed out by state and county through new nationalities coming here and welfare.

healthcare reform,

an economic increase,

terrorism on the rise,

history being made.

America is unique - we are all different,

No matter what sexuality, nationality, race, religion, disease, or disability.

All that matters is the heart.












This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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