America the Stressed

O beautiful for standard tests,

For health worth less than grades,

For against what the kids request

Upon us stress cascades!

America! America!

Please realize we must sleep

With hours worth of homework

The stress of school runs deep!


O beautiful for intelligence

Based upon obedience

Prior generations say with arrogance

“Just have resilience”!

America! America!

The kids are not okay,

The closer you that pull us in,

The farther we shall stray!


O beautiful for increased strain

Upon our young minds.

College prices increasing, causing pain

With debt that truly binds!

America! America!

May someone help thy youth

Government pockets seeking profit

Off learning is a sad truth!


O beautiful for all our dreams

Being beat down over the years

Shining eyes once having a gleam

Are now full of constant tears!

America! America!

Students minds are giving out

Students a plenty no longer are healthy

Is this what the American Dream is about?


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My country
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