America: A Slam Poem

In the last light of dusk

A bright flame sprouts

From the center of the flag

That represents a united country


Old glory now represents a dying idea

The one of unity

With so many citizens for and against

It’s half and half

No middle ground


The dying embers on this fallen warrior

Represent a country that could tear itself to shreds

Like it did in 1861

Nearly 150 years later

The nation is still divided

This time words are the weapons of choice


But amidst all this turmoil

Like a phoenix from the ashes

Is the hope that we shall forever be free

Or at least have the illusion of freedom


As the flag turns to ash

Remember this

At least in our country of America

We have the right to protest

The right to choose who we will become

The right to equality

The opportunity to pursue happiness 


Even though times are changing

America still remains

A light in the darkness

A country of hope

A country that people want to be a part of 

A country that inspires people to triumph over adversity

A country that is home to the brave souls who sacrifice much

To make America great

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world
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