America the silent


Oh say can you see why I'm so upset

Our freedom of speech has become such a threat

I’m not singing, at least not anymore

Since all I’ve been taught is how to get the best score

We stopped singing when the liberty bell stopped ringing

We were founded on Laissez-Faire

When did America become so unaware?

Ronald McDonald sings loud everyday

Would George Washington have wanted this way?

America land of the free, home of the brave

In the land of drama is what they media craves

The media sings in this America we know

In our world of four score and seven years ago

We salute the flag red, white, and blue

Have we ever thought of what the soldiers went through?

The people that sing are cruel and corrupt

But no one that has a voice would dare interrupt

Yet there is still good in our world somewhere

The people just have to sing to become aware

Sing quiet Sing loud Sing to be heard

Americas still America our visions has just been blurred

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