America Is Not Great

Watching the water trickle down the side of the crevasse, 

Squirrels scuttle along the leaves hiding Fall's bounty,

I'm filled with awe at the beauty of natured formed.

The hike back barely seems strenuous while

The World's weight is suspended for this brief escapade. 


Reality returns when my vehicle rushes along the winding roads.

The signs are few and scattered,

Yet, prominently place to assert their dominance

Over the innocent Appalachian hillsides.


"Make America Great Again" they shout. 

Cringing in fear, I hide,

Grateful for the camouflage of my White skin,

Knowing my silence protects me from harm. 


Sunlight splits the clouds, shining over harvested fields.

My muted voice paused in my throat, waiting for release. 

When was America ever great?


This is not America the Great. 

This is the United States,

Created on the basis of religious tolerance,

Equality for the pursuit of happiness, and

Representation of its constituents. 


This is not America the Great.  

This is a country that oppressed its Native peoples. 

This is a country where a slave was seen as 3/5 human. 

This is a country where women, people of color,

And those of the LGBT community fight for equal representation. 


Make America Great Again?

America cannot be made great until their is equal voice for

People of Color

All Genders and Sexualities

The Disabled 

The Unemployed

The Hungry

The Uninsured 

All Religious Faiths 


America cannot be great until

The White Male Christian coal miner, 

And the Black Female Muslim store owner,  

Can live knowing both of their voices are valuable, heard. 

The past miles along the road have felt desolate, hopeless.

Glimmering through the woods, "Hillary 2016". 

We are here.  It is still not over. 

We can make America great. 

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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