America Isn't So Great

In a world full of possibility, all I see is hate.

In a land of freedom, so many feel oppressed,

left to sit like cattle while men with money in their pockets participate in the great debate.

They say life's possibilities are left up to you, but only on Earth do we say "Free will"

If literature has taught me anything, it's that we all have a path,

but not every one serves a purpose.

America is great, right?

After all, we have many benefits living in the United States!

I feel like this is wrong, just one lie after another.

Like the sickening bitter tart taste mixed inside of a keylime pie,

not everything is as it seems.

It's more expensive to not have health care than it is to have it,

whether you get sick is irrelevant.

There's suffering for the families, the more children you have, the worse.

Where are our breaks? Our tax cuts and good credit rates?

The old and sick are dying, but why care, when you can look at new movies, and ignore the other countries' warfare?

We need change and advancements, to the mentality of our morals.

Right or wrong, we're suffering!

All because of a government that doesn't know its people.

And doesn't give enough benefits.

This poem is about: 
My country


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