To America! Hear My Toast!

Freedom rings from ear to ear,

echoing from coast to coast,

Since the ride of Paul Revere.

To the free, here is my toast:


Praise to the founding fathers!

Honor the fighting soldiers!

Love the weeping mothers!

Respect your fallen brothers!


For you, they shed pools of blood.

For you, they cried streams of tears.

For you, they trudged through the mud.

For you, they spent many years.


Your blood is not wastefully shed.

We all still cry a solemn mourn.

‘Till breath drawn unabashed.

Heroes we hope to be are born.


For thee, our blood we give.

For thee, we cry with loved ones.

For thee, your path we relive.

For thee, we will raise your sons.


So join with me and cry “Here! Here!”

Joyous echoes from coast to coast!

Hear our pledge ring from ear to ear!

To America, hear my toast!

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My country
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