America, The Greatest Country on Earth?

Living under the 50 stars,

Hoping and searching for the American Dream,

A nice family with a nice house with a nice car,

Walking down the street with a soda and some change,

Stop there!

The sirens are blaring!
The lights are flashing!

You should stop but you keep running!

What is the United States of America?

What are we united about?

What are we united for?

People are dying all across the Globe,

Are you a wealthy businessman, 

Are you a retired artist,

Are you a homeless veteran,

Are you a college student,

Are you trapped and in a sexual-trafficking ring,

Are you a high school student trying to make a name for yourself,

Are you an eight year old who wants to be a baseball player,

Are you a baby who loves to play with his bouncy balls?


I am an American.

I see the injustices happening around the World and in my backyard,

If a natural disaster occurs, who will support the recovery,

I will.

Is America the land of milk and honey?


Can it be?



We will make it that way.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world
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