America the Greatest

Is America the Greatest?

Some might say, “it used to be”

When we fought for rights and humanity

When we fought for freedom, the birth of a country

Some might say, “It used to be...”

When others stayed in their place

When there was a clear distinction in color, wealth, and race

When you knew where to live and which fountain to drink from

Long before anyone started singing we'll overcome

Some might say “It used to be”

When we wanted to reach the moon and to live in outer space

When the nobel peace prize was honorable, seeking the benefit for the entire human race

Only now we've slipped back, and hatred rears it ugly head again

And our fear of terrorism overshadows that of a welcoming friend

Is America the Greatest?

Not as great as it was.

Because “am I my brothers keeper”, meant funding went abroad

Wouldn't funding at home have been much cheaper

Than building others' infrastructure, economies, and governments

In the interest of democracy

Claiming we were do-gooders, a flat out hypocrisy

We've financed tyrants and drug lords, guilty of genocide

Skeletons in our closet, we'd covertly hide

Our greatness differed from one to the next

Depends where you've come from, what creed, color, or sex

Is America the Greatest?

Not for Native Americans who land and honor have lost

Not for the Osage Tribe, and what their wealth cost

Maybe not to those who much choose between two

The cost of ones meals or prescriptions renewed

Is it great for you if you live under a bridge

Or if you fear the one who protect and serve in your village

Is America the Greatest?

It certainly is, but not to all

Its not great on the other side of the wall

Not great to refugees and oppressed

Who all want to come in

Is it great to the family with no home?

To disaster relief stricken to an athletic dome?

Is it great to Mr. Warmbier? Would you feel we were great if he were your son?

Can so great a country, ignore even one?

Is America the Greatest?

Lets not be naive. America is flawed. At times I cannot be pleased. I am ashamed of our actions, and the way we behave. But there are times when we reach out, and literally millions we save.

That’s when I well up with pride to see

Not necessarily what we've been, but what we can be

When we come together and show overwhelming compassion

For people whose dire condition empassion

Is America the Greatest?

For me it most certainly is!

Where else can I enjoy such freedoms to live?

Where else can I be anything I want to be?

Where can I chase the dreams inside of me?

This is the place to receive a quality education

That will inspire uninhibited innovation

Sure there are kids coming from other countries with extraordinary intelligence and wealth to match

But their parents send them here, to the U. S. of A.

Where its O.K. to live, work, and play

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My country


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