America the Great Is Not


America the Great

By Boone Brubaker


It’s not red stripes on a piece of cloth;

Or the land that lays between oceans.

It’s not Republicans or Democrats;

Or white stars on a sea of blue.

It is more than words on an old piece of paper;

Or an aging statue that lights our shores.

It is not monuments of granite and stone;

Dedicated with speeches and promises.

It is the blood that stained the ground red in pursuit of freedom.

It’s the tireless hours of standing guard by an unknown grave.

It is taking the initiative to make a difference;

And joining hands for a moment of prayer.

It’s standing and removing hats in honor of beliefs.

It is helping others who are less fortunate;

And being able to reach out in a time of need.

America the Great is not about people or things;

But about integrity and goodwill.

America the Great is being free to live and believe;

To be born and to die without fear and repression.

America the Great is a constant state of mind and an overwhelming regard in your heart that is contagious and increasing.



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My country


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