Is America Great?

Though She may think she is sweet and kind,

There is a mean monster behind.

This monster is ruthless

And selfless.


This monster I speak of

Is Racism.

Racism is the true monster

Who needs an exorcism.


Black people walk the streets

Sometimes to meet and greet.

However, Whites will

Be there to break them ill.


Police are in

Black people’s way.

Police brutality and

No racial neutrality.


There is a solution

That could lead to dilution.

We could join to end

This devastation.


Join hand and hand

So we can see the end.

We could become friends.

We could make amends.


Pass the fact on

That this shouldn’t go on.

What year are we in,

Like 1867?


I believe we could put this situation

In the correct destination.

That would be back in time

To 1865.


This poem is about: 
My country


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