America The Great?


A land that fills people with hope for a better tomorrow.

A land where foreigners, yearn for the American Dream,




America the Great?



America is not great.

Instead of happiness, unity, and respect,

Minorities are forced to pits.

Unable to leave the projects,

Unable to get an education,

Unable to provide for themselves,

Unable to flourish.


We have been tried over and over again,

Eventually becoming a monstrous tsunami.

But that's what they want to see…

America wants to show the world how much of an illiterate, brainless,  brute

We are.

They want to show the world that we are the monsters and they the victims who are doing anything in their power to hang on.

We act all mighty and powerful.

We act like we care for all,

But as opportunist we jump on any chance to obtain riches

Not caring if we suck up goods from foreign lands dry,

Leaving its inhabitants destitute.


Hmmm America the Great…


Great at brushing things under the rug,

Great at hiding important information,

Great at exploitation,

Great at causing destruction.

Great at segregation,

Great at promoting hatred.

This poem is about: 
My country


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