America, The Great?

America was made

To be great.

From the small towns to businesses,

It was all so great.

Until one day settlers came along.

From Columbus to Addams,

They started out strong.

They built this country

On freedom for all,

But what they didn't know

Was the pain they had caused.

People stole lands

Straight from the native hands.

Then some worked slaves

Across all our lands.

After the slavery and theft and violence,

All that was left

Was hatred and riots.

The women demanded rights

And the freed slaves did too.

But still to this day

Very few Americans had made a move.

America, I demand equality

For me and for all.

From race to religion,

There is no one above all.

America, the great?

We cannot see

How divided this country is

Upon equality.

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My country
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