America the Great.


The supplier of liberty and life.

Try to name a society with more of these than US. Alright?

Don’t worry about it I’ll give you a minute.

Given unto us by the G.O.D. Don't you forget it.

Every generation has to sight for it.

Every generation has a fire for it.

But will every generation fight for it?

I ask because we also have Freedom.

Yet some some people want to rule us all like a Kingdom.

They complain about miscellaneous things

that could all be solved if the just gave a lawyer a ring.

Or maybe just walked away and moved on to the next thing.

It makes me wonder…

Do you really want rights and Freedom

or the ability to keep complaining and screamin’.


Now look,

you may not wanna follow me.

But personally I think Trump might save the Economy.

The biggest and baddest manager of money

Who gone keep it all on lock

so go ahead

you can point, laugh and try to make funny.

But this ain' joke

18 trillion dollars.

Hoah brah das a Choke.

Now Yes

I know he ain't the greatest.

But we gave Obama 8 years

so can y'all please have some patience.

We have bigger issues at hand.

A military crippled by the aforementioned man.

They had 100Billion dollars cut.

Wait a minute.

Hold up.

How do you expect us to keep up.

The Strongest military on the planet.

A Global Force for Good.

Even though they didn’t have the money to operate like they should.

A force of men and women alike who have signed up to fight.

Weather they Walk on foot, Ride in Tanks or shoot to the sky and take Flight.


Now I hate to be pessimistic

but we got to acknowledge the negative.

America has its own problems that are way beyond relative.


Race relations aren’t good.

Trust me as a black man I hear it all the time.

Maybe more than I should

From my family, friends and always online.

I thought it was supposed to be irrelevant.

Sex, orientation your skin color, complexion or pigment.

Why are we pushing it to the front of the stage like it matters.

I’m tired of always being told think this or that that like your my master.


Now I understand the road to societies progression is long one to walk

especially when the latest exits are Slavery, Equal Rights, Societal Oppression and the Freedom to Talk.

But it’s a little hard to move forward if the roads falling apart.

Our transportation is important

And that needs to be taken to heart.

The infrastructure in which we use to carry this dream

is old, crippled and coming undone at the seams.

Now this may sound weird but trust I mean what I say

we need to give the kids in a school a much better way.

School choice might be a way to fix it.

A meritorious free market where the kid is the ticket.

“Because children are the future?”

Yeah, sure whatever makes it fit.

I honestly don’t care which party gains tenure.

Democrat or Republican as long as we do better.

We have to stop this civil unrest.

Cause violent revolution is inevitable when people can’t protest.

I just hope it never becomes too dangerous for the news to keep us abreast.

Now as a natural born citizen from Hawaii

just like the Obama,

I think we as a people need to start treating each other like Ohana.

Stop separating us into little groups based on Orientation, Race and Sex.

And begin to work as one so our ancestors can rest.

This poem is about: 
My country


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerfully expressed! Hope you keep writing your mind and heart! Please keep sharing! 

Also there is an urgent matter to end modern day slavery today is national anti traficking day. Let us end world slavery, go sign the petition to make congress act. Look up International Justice Mission. 

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