Is America Great?

A nation dedicated

To equality is great.


On paper,

No nation greater.


But if all men are created equal

Then why do the deceitful

Treat some with understanding

And some with evil?


More rights

If you’re white.

That’s right!


The fight for rights 

Restored over time,

Smells more like blood

Than red wine.


Blood lines

The path between wars.

Revolution To Civil To Drugs.

Tough times.


If cocaine is classy,

And crack is whack,

Then does black crack?


Look at the statistics,

Black fathers line the prisons,

Not yet needing the mortician.

Drug offenses pretendin’

To clean the streets

But mama home by herself

Feeding her kids,

Barely nothing to eat.



On paper, great.

In practice, whackness

With occasional flashes.

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This poem is about: 
My country


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