America the great?

We refer to America as America the great

The country of inequality divided by hate

A country built by slaves and the cruel treatment of mankind

instilling inferiority and fear in their minds

America has come far but history repeats

We have men being dragged off planes and unarmed men killed in the streets

The rights between men and women still differ

but where would everyone be if women weren't here to deliver

When someone stands on the right side of justice many people don't want to listen

people in America are defined by race, gender, and religion

living in a world with no discrimination is the perfect vision

but disrimination can only end if everyone comes to that decision

The man we call president caused many grief in human relations

Yet he still made it in office despite the nasty allegations

We should support each other and love all

not put each other down and try to build walls

from gender, race, color, and homo sexuality 

It's about time America changed its mentality

everyone is equal and should be treated as so

America has come a long way but still has more to go



This poem is about: 
My country


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