America (Ginsberg Inspired)

America, I've given you nothing because 

I'm not really sure if I have anything to give. 

I've rested so long in Lady Liberty's arms i've 

forgotten what it's like to stand on the outside. 


America how the blindfolds come out! 

America how quickly we forget! 

America how easily we believe everything 

someone else has said! 


We've lost our way and lost our minds, 

all we have is heart and that fire's burning low, 

America we came here to be free and 

we're battling over which brand of freedom is right 


America when did your mirrors fog up so? 

When did we forget the sanctity of our speech? 

I can feel the hand beginning to close over my mouth, 

and i will bite as hard as I can


This poem is about: 
My country


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