America the Flawed

They call her America the Beautiful

the wonderful, the wise. And

they tell me I must be

patriotic, if I am to 

learn to rise. But I lay in

disguise as I do not

romanticize the enterprise 

of our nation. No, I empathize

with those who are

surprised and feel the

need to revolutionize in

order to survive.


Because day after day we 

continue to lose our own. No,

not overseas or in the air, but

in our own homes. We hold

dear our Constitution, using

it to justify this institution

of never finding a resolution

to the constant death and

betrayal  which survive in this

victim of a revolution nearly

200 years ago.


And I … I just know this

isn’t where we were supposed

to go. That our Founding Fathers

would overthrow our current

system if they would have gotten

the memo of our show. Whoa… There are 

constant shootings as a result of 

our second amendment. With our entire

government too dependent

to even try to amend it. With the

Senate’s fear of acting unpleasant

to be attendant. With our citizens

too full of resentment to seek any



And the poverty… This country

has no sense of equality, despite 

the declaration giving every man

the right to “life, liberty, and property”

Forced into the corner of

robbery, praying to win the 

lottery, life of such low

quality, the rich minority looking

down upon us with their snobbery,

making me question if we even

abolished the monarchy.


So, what I am suggesting?

That we stop with the

arresting of the victims of

our messy nation. That we

take to protesting instead

of resting so we can start

investing, with the blessing

of the past. That instead of

messing we start stepping

up. That we begin electing

people to do the protecting

of us. 


So no, I don’t believe that

America is home to the

brave. It is a dark cave

built on the backs of

slaves known to misbehave.

It has been deprived for

too long and is engraved

with the graves of those 

who wanted to save its

memory. And I know that

we crave the enclave

we created, but we must

wave goodbye until

America learns to


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This poem is about: 
My country


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