America: In The Dark

My mind spins in marvelous wonder,
Across my lips lay words I ponder.
Cold to the touch her body stands,
Like the greenest pasture upon the meadowlands.

Why do her eyes look that way?
In one direction they stay.
Staring toward the midst of the sea,
Her beauty admired by you and me.

Tall she stands upon a rock,
Holding secrets to which she hath unlock.
A queen upon these battlegrounds,
A blanket of green upon her surrounds.

Our troops have fought for her beauteous statue,
Representing America in her stance in virtue.
Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,
In her man made creation her beauty doth express.

America the great so elegant and free,
Some however may disagree.
For on these lands greed take place,
Left for mankind to see disgrace.

We teach the young that we are great,
Other countries strive to get into our gate.
But why would they want to come here,
In a land so full of hatred and fear?

America’s people look down upon the poor,
While the rich take advantage, taking more and more.
This is not what our Liberty represents,
People with the look in their eyes of judgement.

If every man, woman, and child are supposed to be equal;
Why do we take away their basic rights as people?
Degraded by who they are,
Forced to change and left with a scar.

It takes one person to take a stand,
For others to follow and save our American land.
If we sit back any longer,
Our people will thirst in desperate hunger.

We can change who we become,
The past is the past, it can’t be undone.
Rise with me and make your mark,
Make America beautiful again, take her out of the dark.

This poem is about: 
My country


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