America, America, Your Brokenness Is On Me

' O beautiful for spacious skie, for amber waves of grain' 

The cries and blood of my brothers, rise up from the grave. 

' For purple mountain majesties, above the friuted plain' 

Let them hear our voices, for the lives of which you were slain.

'America! America! God shed his grace on thee' 

We should have no blessing, for how divided are we?

'And crown thy good, with brotherhood, from sea to shining sea' 

America was never meant for me. 

Liberty, oh liberty, why aren't you free? 

Why must I pay for my skin, from whence God has 'blessed' me? 

Liberty, can't you see, the terror of which you bring?

For my people, you are nothing but a lie and a mystery. 

Here I stand, seeking peace within you, hoping for strentgh to stand, 

Yet you reject all those from the sea and land. 

If I am not moon-kissed with eyes as blue as the sky, to you liberty, I am nothing. 

My people live within you, in fear of thier lives.

'Liberty,' they say, 'we cry, you promised us that we'd live to see our families thrive.

yet we are still here. Laying now with targets on our backs.

Liberty, nothing has changed for us.

Your chains held us down, and now your guns hold us back. 

Your people still ride our streets with pale masks keeping us from life. 

Why are you killing us, Liberty? Is it because-' 

You promised freedom! 

You promised change! 

You promised justice! 

You promised peace! 

Here I stand, Liberty, I was never yours. 

I will rise Liberty, like the songbird. 

You need to love all your people, from all colors under the sky. 

You need to help all your  people- give them time to shine. 

America, you were never great- that is a lie from the Pit of Dispair. 

But America, you have a chance. 

You violate yourself, enforcing laws that you swore to never permit.

Stop banning your people, for you are nothing without them. 

Put your true people in office, not those entiltled. 

Give the beggar the mic- for he knows the truth about your streets. 

Give the black woman power, for she is strong enough to wield. 

And give the Native her home- not just dirt and a fence. 

Give the Asian her strength, that she may stand, and power to endure. 

And give the Latina her peace, that this is her home. 

Give the Middle Eastern her love and serenity, that this IS where she belongs. 

Give us the America that We, the people, want to know,

America you are divided and broken, which isnt meant to be. 

But with God's blessing and grace: 

You Will Be Great. 



This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country



This poem in a sense midly expresses how I feel about America, my home. 

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