Does the nation we build have a foundation or is it doomed to crumble at it's core

The hope for our nation is founded in the beliefs of individual Americans

Our nation's fate is based on what we can make of the American dream

The place we know as home is being destroyed everyday

Eventually, what we are aware of today, will be gone tomorrow

The problem is that today, we are aware, and we doubt that tomorrow it will leave

The question and answer does not lie in writing, but rather in words 

Expressions are ever changing and so is belief 

The question is: What can we do

How will we ever settle the issue

What is so wrong that cannot be fixed

How can America become as great as it once was with so much destruction to it? 

Is America doomed to fail?

Will Americans rise up and point out what's wrong?

America, America, where the fuck have you gone? 



This poem is about: 
My community
My country


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