A country once united now stands divided

Red; the color of the black mans blood that stains the streets

White; supremacy controls a country known for equal opportunity and the free will to be who you are 

yet my melanin is a curse that subjects me to stereotypes and racial profiling

What happened to the eighth amendment prohibiting "cruel and unusual punishment"

but my own people, fellow citizens are who submit me to the mental torture I have endured

"Make America Great Again" no... " Make White Great Again"

Blue; sirens "to protect and serve the people" but the only people they seem to protect are themselves

mistaking wii remotes for gun 

Ending violence in the streets

but they will draw their guns and put a bullet through a mans head

faster than death himself can make an appearance

We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men

"preferably white men of european desent" are created equal

They forgot the section in quotations but it's ok I fixed it 

because that is what we are expected to do for a country that rejects us 

The notion is be prepared to lie in a grave for your country

but I cannot lie in bed with who I love because of my country

Land of the Free more like Land of the Opressed


This poem is about: 
My community
My country


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