The world is starting to change something i dont like/ what happen to just man and women now theres different types/ grown man want to be kids and little boys i think confused/ dressing in dresses and highheel freaking shoes/ what happen to playing outside with ur friends/ and playing all day till its time to come in/ children over weight cuz they not watching what they eat/ eyes r on the phones the games or tv/ hate is all-around i tought we the land of the brave/ different mass shootings every other day/ sex traffic going by people we should trust/ if we can't trust the government man that shits rough/ blaming r President for doing nothing bad/ downgrading is character because of what he said/ i understand nobody's pefect and i anit one to judge/ people talking shit i guess they a grudge/ america the great the land of the free/ but not just to come for u to live off me/ opportunities all around u gotta want it hard/ the shit thats on the news r leaveing the kids scarred/ every other day its something new thats is popping up/ global warming isnt happeing so please shut that girl right up/ trillion dollars in debt but theres weed thats everywhere/ they dont know how tax it so they anit going there/ illegals cross r borders and we supposed to let them past/ so they can rape women y they takein all r cash/ the world is looking ugly i hate the way it looks/ the government keeps us in the dark but they planted in there hooks/ i dont listen to the fake news cuz they always stating lies/ never really focus on the problems in r lifes/ unemployment at its lowest then its been in a while/ thanks to Donald trump i guess thats just his style/ protesters protesting but they dont even have a clue/ on what they need to do/ they saying gibber gabbish garbage out there mouths/ but never talk about the problems in the south/ the opioid addiction how is takeing lifes/ taking kids from there parents and husbands from there wifes/ im proud to be an american where i know im always free/ but there people in this world who dont see like i see/ i send prayers to immigrants that r locked in cages/ they say its been dead then y r people still races/ i dont want immigrants to enter with no check/ dont know what he is or what he ever did/ he can be a thug a killer or rapist/ that doest make me bad or a racees/ i want ameican safe before we make it great/ i agree we a wall or a very big gate/ when i was just a kid i didnt play on a phone/ i rode my bike to a friends to see if he was home/ boys wanna be girls and girls wanna be boys/ but i believe there to young to really make that choice/ gay is actually a sin we shouldnt clap r hands/ for little boys wanna to dress up in drag/ im not against gays or anything alike/ what happen to the brawls the good old fashion fights/ everybodys getting soft nobody has no hands/ diveted we fall and united we shall stand/ fight for r country dont make us look bad/ lets show the other countrys that we r simpley just the best/ the number one country better then then the rest/ right now its hard to sleep we scared to close r eyes/ scared to watch the news cuz i know it all just lies/ i believe in my countey i got pride in my state/ even though this counrty is full of evil and hate/ how can parents kill there kids just cuz they got mad/ those r crazy people they have voices in there head/ how can people rape a little girl or a little boy/ hurt that young kid there life it got destroyed/ i will always stand tall for country and my race/ a puertio rican born in america there no better place/ so if u hate this country then go head u can leave/ but dont make demands like u r owed something/ u werent a slave ur parents werent too/ if u say can nigga then imma say it to/ its yall that make no sense like yall didnt go to class/ pull ur fucking pants up nobody wants to see ur ass/ i fight for what i believe in thats my god given right/ who r u to tell my values arent mine/ they say god will be the judge but judgements already being made/ by people of higher power but i stand here unafraid/ make america great again ill back that all the way/ for all homeless people for u i will i pray/ america is r home so we all should stand together and praise a lovely flag/ show respect to home or catch a toetag/ u wanna take r guns r right to bear arms/ thats like trying take away all of r alarms/ restricted gun laws would it really matter/ or teach the new kids on how to be better/ if they getting bulled then speak up dont keep it in the dark/ there people there to help if feeling torn apart/ and children if u see it dont hesitate to speak/ its takes courage to stand up now that is something neat/ i thank r fighting soldiers are fallin ones ones to/ u make us feel safe with the job u do/America if we werent the best then immigrants wont wanna come/ this the land of the free where u can overcome/ start fresh and all new get a second chance/ become a us citizen stand up for i flag/ they talking about equelilite about r equel rights/ u wanna be treated the same then follow in r fight/ dont say u want a change but do nothing for that change/ then bitch about r immigrants whos liveing in a cage/ when u have dog liveing the same way/ im really not a racists but i do hate ignorence/ they always fucking bitching about some stupid shit/ so if i see kneel when r flag is being raised/ then im just gonna think u from a different place/ cuz no american should kneel we should stand with pride/ and be happy to see a flag wave up in the sky/ America i love u thanks for being dope/ wishing and im praying that some people find hope/ and some of these kids find better ways to cope/ America the brave America the free/ land of rich and opptuintes/ a place to have dream where u can make true/ America the place where goals u can persue/ America my land America my home the place where i will die and the place my soul should rome/

This poem is about: 
My country



I actually agree with alot that has been said. . . America itself has a lot of problems

but I am still proud and grateful of where I come from. There's just so much out there

and no one wants to listen, that's why we should pay attention to the news and all this 

media because it's where we come from and no matter what you're stuck in it. Some 

of your topics though are quite controversal and I understand. Just you say things 

such as, "illegals cross r borders and we supposed to let them past/

so they can rape women y they takein all r cash." but then again as you stated you're

 "not  racist?" Another example for you, "illegals cross r borders and we supposed to

let them past/ so they can rape women y they takein all r cash." I mean if you're not

racist. . . what exactly would you call it then? You actually make alot of amazing 

points about the problems currently going on in our society for someone who doesn't

watch the fake news, as you stated. Just know, yes i'm one of those people who 

just have to disagree online, but i'm really not trying to. The poetry written is

actually written beautifully, it only needs some proper spelling. Anyways,

thank you for the poem, even though controversal, and a little high opiniated

(if your'e racist that's fine just be true to yourself)

But this is definately worth the read. :)



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