The land of oppurtunity
The land known for dreams
Paved with gold in its streets
And love in its population
Acceptance and fairness in its government
A melting pot of cultures
Free religion and open commerce
All these the beliefs of this land
All of these lies sold to its inhabitants
As well as its visitors
A land where 2 boys go to school
One of a wealthy family
The other of a single mother
The first lives in a house
The other sleeps under the nearby bridge
The first plays sports
The other plays hustler
The first has a 5 course meal every night
The other hasnt eaten a full meal in 3 weeks
The first knows he will go to college
The other dreams of just graduating high school
The first has parents who are doctors
The other has a parent who works the corner
The first has it all
The other has nothing
Yet they go to the same school
Are sold the same dream
That you can truly do anything
If you put your mind to it
A lie sold to these kids
A lie sold to their kin
A land where free love claims to live
But 2 lovers cannot get married in it
God forbid a man loves a man
He is subject to threats and hatred
Yet a white man can be racist
Spitting at a young black man
Who walks to school
Becus his parents cant afford to drive him
There is Free love , yet we judge a whole religion
Becus a small faction is involved in terrorism
Tell me, where is the free love?
Nothing is free in this land
Only the struggle and pain
The every day grind
A land full of lies
A government that claims to help
Pleading to elect the next rep
Saying they will fix it all
For the people
For the people?
Our politicians are breeded in evil
Only caring about their own agendas
A government who hides its mistakes
Yet calls out other countries on their failures
America the pitiful.
America the beautiful.
America the ignorant.
America the powerful.
A country full of lies
A country who is hated by all others
Yet loved by its countrymen
Who are treated like steps
For the government to walk upon and sit
Sad, and heavy
Is the head of a middle class American
Who went to college, and got a degree
Yet still cant make more than $7.50
Lost, and hurt
Is the heart of an American teen
Who is pregnant at a young age
Because a man lied to her and said he cared
And left her out in the cold, with the elements to bare
Angry, and tired
Is the brain of the old veteran
Who struggles to make ends meet
Because the government promised him jobs
That were never there
He served his country
Yet his country cannot serve him
He lost brothers and sisters in combat
Yet his country cannot welcome him as family
America the brave.
America the scared.
America the truthful.
America the distasteful.
So what does this land truly stand for?
Thats the question for this generation to answer
Will it stand for freedom?
Or will it stand for oppression?
Will we stand for equality?
Or stand for ignorance?
Will we stand?
Or will we fall?.
America the lost.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

i have a poem i written call the american dream

and american dream part 2

this poem and mone may have similarities

check it when you get a chance

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