Amelia's Ashes



How can a box so small

Hold an entire person?

How can it hold 3 months

Of memories, happiness and life?


Holding Amelia 

On the bed with mom at the hospital

Seeing her for the very first time


Our babysitter

Crying on the phone

The stretcher and the men in white

Seeing her for the last time.


My parents crying,

Little gold box in arms

The first time I saw the new Amelia

who'd never leave that little golden box


I remember 

the bright smile

and those sparkling blue eyes

that I never saw again


I realize now

How little I truly knew

About this girl, my sister

And it hurts to know I'll never get a chance

to really know

or understand

the person she was


What would she have been like?

Would we have been friends, more than sisters?

I want to know her struggles,

Her desires, and her strengths

Would she be tall?

Would her hair be dark 

Or light like mine?

Would she be a Godly woman?

Who would she be?


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