Ambitious Girl 2.0


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See they messed up the truth

its more like "make up"

take "cover girl" 

so you can face the

fact they dont want more  women like esther or ruth

feelings of an ugly duckling when you are a swan

but they got you playing mother goose?

living in a fairy tale, casted under a scary spell

too many gomers and jezebels

become world icons, and now have a platform

so for you to be a whore,slut ,and tramp is cool 

plus the world says thats how to act norm

and this isnt a color thing, but you numb to it all

color blinded as long, as  its the color green

you open up for business

sad reality for some of my sistas who let brother's scheme

even though what you do is none of my business

its only right I tell you to wrap it up like christmas

because your presence is a present so cherish it

before your dead and gone

or like a dog's bone we'll have to bury it

but before we go back to the essence I plan to plant some seeds

with hopes I can learn them lessons

I pray the sins of my fathers fathers father

wont affect my daughters daughters daughter

I pray some of my good deeds earns them blessings

I pray her head is, in them books and not between some crooks 

wearing her out in french dressing for some "lettuce"

rather have her playin house with her cabbage patch kids

show her the world isnt hers as a matter fact God is

the maker of the universe

just so you can know girl so you can grow girl

like the rose from the concrete...


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