Ambitious Girl


Its her aspirations that drive her determination and inspires her to be greater. Hard work and dedication, shes commited to versification, on the everlasting road to riches she's trying to make it. She's racing to her dreams the road's getting narrow, so it seems. Struggle is motivation a chance to tell her story is stimulation. With pain comes strength , she took the lid off of her emotion box with some paper and a pen. The way she flows, she cant stay away because its all she knows. People around her fail to understand and realize where real lies behind those tears welling in her eyes. As she clutches the pen her heart makes a beat to match the racing of her adrenalin. This is how she deals with life once upon a time she was a lost soul until poetry captured her mind and soul and took her in as a whole. Through writing she's discovered that fear is only an illusion she knows through god all things are possible she shows no fear so there is no confusion. Every time she grips thatbpen faith is restored again, thank god for the ability to write. No matter what I may say my oppsition will still judge me anyway theres no choice but to ignore them and live. This ambition to be heard requires no days off just diligent work and patiently waiting for take off. Poetry is my prerogative 


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