Ambition is Calling


Sit and watch the darkness fall, Ambition calling, call, call, call.
Answer, Answer, doesnt she hear? 
Mother! Mother!! She has abandoned me, I fear.
Looking, Searching, but there is no help.
Just one job and one spell to place the future above past welts.
Young person with a heart of love and dreams, 

answer your calling and calm fate's urgent pleas.

No one but you can pass the test, do not be consumed in laziness.
Discouragement circles never stop, how easy it is to drop, drop, drop. 
Walk throught the blazing fire and quicksand built into falling spires.
On the other side you'll see days of endless prosperity instead of liars.
A typical life with typical tasks is far too menial for you creativity mass.
Get the education,  get the job, that will set you up onto a destiny greater than Kong's. 
Be it art, science, or math, one job can change you, whether you choose to be first or last.



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