Amazing God

When all of our slim hopes had been dwarfed into insignificance
And all of our dreams consumed by a reckless annoyance
Your voice was heard and it said something
Your word came through and it changed something

And when all of our kindness was erased by our selfishness
And all of our goodness swallowed up by our wickedness
Your grace was given and we became something
Your kindness reached out and we embraced something

And when the state of our worthlessness inspired a rejection
And our claim of magnificense was called into question
Your presence was revealed and it changed something
Your favour was released and it restored something

And in the day that the substance of our labour became insufficient
And all the wages of our work overwhelmingly deficient
Your gospel was preached and we hoped for something
Your promise was proclaimed and we believed in something

Lord, our sin was not a barrier to Your love for us
And our shame could not prevent the glory which You set for us
And so in the splendour of Your Majesty You reached out to launch Your presence in us
And on the cross You became a glorius a crown and a beautiful wreath to all of us

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