For Amanda


Waltzing with heat the flakes oh they must burn

Inside my skin, the butterflies, they churn

Sunshine is as paper, it’s life a mess

When I hear you, I feel all but distress


Spirit of fire, mind burn sweetly sear

lines that cross paths, just once per moon, per year

And we go together straight to the snow

Amanda sweet, may god’s themselves weep with glow


what fools we are waxing waning in cold

inside your soul I see myself grow old

my eyes hold bounds with sights of red but still

Jealous grow angels when joy we spill


They all call us crazy, screw them, they smell

All I can hear in your mind, go to hell

With each upbeat of our mindless caring,

Because Amanda, they get hearts flaring


A whole new spot in our painting we start

Take out a new chapter, making our mark,

Sweetly, neatly, ascend into the dark

the thing that we have, dearest, I think it’s art



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