Am I rushing

Am I rushing?
I remember the first time I got asked to marry someone
And then the next
Then the next
And then the next
I had been asked 4 or 5 times
All had left me
Making me think I was the problem
Making me feel like I was in the wrong
All came to me one by one
Throw out the years
Explaining why they left
All apologizing
Making me see I did nothing wrong
The one I'm with now
I don't want to loose
I don't want to give him the opportunity to leave
He asked me to marry him
I said yes
I made him choose the year, date, time.
He choose a day
I made him stick to it
Not to much time to plan
He says to change the day
I refuse
Am I rushing?
Because I don't want to loose him?
Because I don't want another failed engagement
Am I rushing?
Am I making him rush into a marriage he's not ready for?
Am I rushing?

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