Am I Really Doing Enough?

Good Morning.

Time to wake up and get busy.

Wishing things were like they were when I was young.

Those days when I had not a single worry.

Ten minutes into the day and already,


 I am stressed.


I quickly brush it off as I open the blinds

And view the  beautiful Texas sunrise.

My eyes get adjusted to the light, I smile at the beauty of nature

And I think,

“wish I had enough time to sit and watch nature.”


But no.


Assignments are due.

Essays are half done.

Piano has not been touched.

And a thousand other things to complete by the end of the day.

And I think to myself,


“Am I really doing enough?”


Breakfast is rushed.

I settle at my desk.

My mind wanders off...

Motivation is out the door.

Frantically I attempt to finish the tasks.


It’s noon.

Not one assignment has been completed

And I think to myself,


“Am I really doing enough?”


A satisfying lunch and  a relaxing afternoon nap.

Evening approaches.

I’ve barely touched my work.

The sun begins to set.

Panic starts to hit.


Three hours later…

Everything is done.

Why couldn’t I have finished earlier?

To enjoy the beautiful day and relax?


How irresponsible of me!


Is this what it means to mature?

Procrastination and stress a part of daily life?

Yet again,

I think to myself, 


“Am I really doing enough?”


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