I stand in the shower washing my face,
Trying to wash away the pain, the worry, the anger, the stress
Trying to cleanse my spirit
Trying to erase the sin
I let the water fall over me
Feeling its light kisses tickle my skin
Breathing in
People all around me are progressing,
While I stand digressing
Standing alone
I got pregnant.
That's just it, I got pregnant...
I failed to be responsible
To take that damn pill, to tell him to put that condom on
Where did it lead?
To a road full of struggle
Where is he?
Obviously, not with me
Not working.
It's not anyone's fault but my own, and that right there it is so hard to let go!
Hard to find humility
So, hard to stop crying and wishing, just wishing for a different outcome
In everyone's eyes I am a failure, a total product of my town
A total product of my race
I hide it for so long out of shame, shame of becoming like them
Those girls I stood and judged
One of those I have become
It is not funny when you walk in their same shoes
It is not fun to stand alone in the rain.


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