Already Happened

Tue, 05/07/2013 - 18:47 -- XTAIGAX

I was strange, I was weird, I was a popular outcast
I was scared, I was confused, I really am still
But life's strange, its weird, its going by too fast
But I'm strong, and I'm here, and I always will
I'm stubborn, and I'm angry, but I care
Strange because I'm in bad situations, but...
I stay, strong as an ox, fragile as my hair
I'm looking back, scared, but the I just tut,
"Hey, its happened, and I'm stronger now,"
And I help others, I try to make them see
That they're stronger, but they ask why and how
I've always shrugged and said, "I don't know why you and me
I don't know why it happens to us, to you and I
Its happened, and its sad, but you can't really change the past
Its the past, the guidelines, but its done and already gone by
The present is a gift we never get; the future, a present that will last
You see, its already happened, already past, but its not us
But hey, I'm scared, you are too, together we can be
No reason to hiss, no reason to curse, no reason to cuss
Because your past is a lock, but your future is the key."


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