The Alpha

As a young black boy on the streets of the CapitalI strive for a good living through the path of moralityBut I was lost within my act of InnocenceAnd Trouble found me.Led me through Crusty Tunnels and Medieval DungeonsShowed me the Gory Light through the DarknessTook me to the Peak of an Ice MountainAnd left me to fall in the Valley of WolvesI screamed all I couldbut nothing by my will could stop me from fallingSwiftly moving lower and lowerWith the wind as the only music in my earsLaid before my eyes from aboveIs the void my enemy stands inAnd below in the valley is tons of pain I am yet to EncounterWhat I do or What I do not will define my endI turned my Scream to face the Wolves with a Roar as I fallTo their conscience - I was their Angel of DestructionSo I fed on their conscience and built my acquaintanceAnd became the Alpha!

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