Alone Again

"I left first 
But we were still together
Always messaged you
Love was in every letter
Things fell south
The further that we got
I tried to pick it up
But it was heavier than I thought 
From two different worlds
But some how our paths crossed
That's what hurt the most
In the end that was our downfall
still fallin to the floor
Like I'm goin for a ground ball
They say to be optimistic
I feel more doubtful
I'm haunted by pictures
I wasn't done lovin u
I guess on the bright side
I knew your love was true
You were hurt by many factors
But you were more hurt by my pain
You felt it more than me 
And it was drivin you insane 
But know babygirl 
That you are not to blame
Once again stricken down 
By cruel fate
I still love you to this day
But at this point 
It's the wrong thing to say"


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