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I am only one.
I walk through the halls
Looking for support
From someone,
From anyone.
No one looks,
No one listens,
No one cares.
The taunting and name calling continue
As I fall through the never ending abyss of hurt.
The cascade of tears was building up pressure inside my eyes,
But they had to be held back
As people continued to stare,
And continued to give me disgusted looks.
I wanted to disappear,
Why am I living?
What is the point?
No one loved me
No one wanted me
There are none who care..
My feet tread up the steps
As my front door creaks open.
Silence in my house.
I quickly open the cabinet until I find what I'm looking for,
I grab the sharp edge and walk to my room,
I point it at my chest as my tears are finally free to flow down
I try..
I try again..
But I can't.
What message would I be sending to the people who want to take their life just as much as me?
How would my parents feel?
I couldn't let my tormentors win.
I had to stay strong.
I will continue to stay strong.
My fingers tremble as I get up,
My heart will prevail.
I will prevail.
I will stay strong.
I may cry,
I may breakdown,
But I will never let you win.


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