I sit in the stillness of my visions,

my senses are filled with

the awakening of my life.

My mind wonders, spinning and spinning,

recalling memories of

my past.

Sweet damp rosebuds,

glistened across my fingers.

I dreamily dream from the fields of my youth.

I see falling stars and eagles,

As I stare up at the bright stars rhythm.

All alone I feel at rest,

the blackness and gloom of the

city streets, swirling,

mesmorize me.

As I think of my past, 

my eyes sting with tears,

like a spilling fire.

My angel comes down to earth.

We are standing face to face.

Your voice... radiates in my ears.

All alone,

I am in the field.

The swift sounds of the wind, through the trees,

capture my thoughts.

All alone in the time of hurt,

I feel at peace.

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