Tue, 11/05/2013 - 13:02 -- Crimson


How are you doing?

Are you ok?

Is the something wrong?

These are the things I am asked everyday.

I get alright grades,

I do my work,

I am not a bad kid,

I'm just... alone.

But I am happy alone,

Some people are happier alone than with others.

So why cant I be alone?

Why is it a problem to like myself more than others?

Why cant you just leave... me... alone?

Now dont get me wrong here, friends are great

For others

But for me I spend my time on other things

So just accept the fact that I



Like to be alone.

Guide that inspired this poem: 



I wrote this to convey the thoughts I hve about being a loner in a school setting, where I feel your are expected if not downright forced to be sociable, even when you dont want to be.

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