Something shivers in a deep dark corner

Next to it are bright red eyes

It is a she

She is a young lady

The bright eyes are Loneliness

Loneliness is keeping the young lady captive

Everyday she feels invisible, unloved, ugly, unwanted

If she ever feels loved its only for but a second

Then Loneliness pulls her back

She lives her life in a sub-conscious mode

She wears a smile everyday

But deep down she is a blackhole

Anytime she feels loved the blackhole shrinks

But no one stays or loves her enough to close the hole

Bound by the chains of despair, she cries out for help!

The chains burn her very flesh

She is drowned in a pool of darkness

She has lost hope for anyone to care

She is rendering to loneliness

Please someone care for her before she is Lost Forever!!!


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