Sat, 02/10/2018 - 14:00 -- catvo


United States

Dear Pizza,

Oh how your aroma is piquant

From afar black brick radiates

I see more colors than ever

The waiting game causes such tremor

Oh how your aroma is piquant  

How precious such treasure

No other compared could measure

Threads of elastic gold drips towards the heart

Like lava difficult to drift apart

Delicate crisped crust handled with care

Maybe one more unable to share 

But I must not for my tank disagrees

Indigestible isosceles weakens my knees

Oh how your aroma is piquant

Awfully luring to leave unnoticed

Each bite keeps me devoted

Oh how heavenly is your taste

But no more no more such a waste

Gasping for breaths

Painful as death

Oh the discomfort I must bear

No other ache could compare

No more no more I cannot eat

No longer visible my feet

The remnants won’t leave

My tank grieves

You leave me unfulfilled

An accord which cannot be rebuild  

Oh how your aroma is piquant

Such travesty your elements are indecent

My tank bids farewell

I can no longer be compelled 

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